Welcome to Our Toyota Land Cruiser Web Site

This site replaces our previous site that featured only the buildup of our Vortec-powered FJ40.We are in the process of expanding the site to include more recent projects. The thumbnails below show our four Land Cruisers. Select the Cruiser of interest and surf on to see what we have done or are currently doing with these rigs.

FJ45 Truggy
Extended-Cab FJ45


In addition to working on Cruisers, I have also recently built and equipped an entirely new shop to work in. This shop includes new machine tools (milling machine and lathe) as well as my existing welders and other tools. Some pictures of the new shop and machines are shown HERE.

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For LOTS of additional information and links to other Land Cruiser and off-road conversion projects, make sure you visit Brian Swearingen's site -- IH8MUD.COM

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