The stock TLC instrument panel was replaced with a custom unit equipped with Autometer Performance "Z-Series" electric gauges.  These include 3.75" inch diameter, 8000 RPM tachometer and 80 MPH speedometer, and 2.312" diameter voltmeter, oil pressure, water temperature and fuel gauges.  The panel itself was fabricated from 3/8" thick aluminum and hand-beveled to fit into the TLC dash.  It also holds indicator lights for high-beam as well as turn signals.  New indicator/idiot lights for "Charge" and "Engine Warning" were also mounted on the dash.  The charge indicator light is visible in the upper left of this photo.  The pull-out switch below the TLC brake light activates the air compressor.

It was also necessary to replace the fuel level sending unit with  Autometer's unit (#3262). The stock Land Cruiser sending unit produces 17 ohms of resistance at full and 120 ohms at empty.  We don't believe any domestic aftermarket gauges will work with the Toyota sending unit.  The Autometer sending unit has a range from 33 ohms (full) to 240 ohms (empty) -- exactly double that of the TLC sender. The only problem with the Autometer sending unit is that its bolt pattern is not consistent with that of the TLC tank. We solved this problem by
making a hybrid fuel sending unit. We used the Toyota cap (bolting to the tank), but the actual sending unit is Autometer. Essentially, we simply modified the TLC cap and bolted the Autometer unit on it.

We also replaced the TLC steering wheel with a 15" Grant Formula GT model.

In order to ensure accurate speedometer readings, a ratio converter was added in line between the transfer case and the VSS unit.  This converter incorporates the ratio of the TC speedometer gear, the R&P ratio and the tire size.

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